Monday, May 10, 2010


Firstly I'd like to metaphorically fling open the blog doors and invite you all in (but please don't mind the mess!). This blog will be part of a twelve-month journey that, as mentioned above, will culminate in a non-fiction book exploring the trials and tribulations of middle-age for women. I'll be posting something each week (most probably on Sundays as that's my day of rest), and I really do want as much feedback as possible. Not just because I need a range of viewpoints but because I'm basically rather lazy - and the more material I get from you, the less I have to dig up myself. So please do comment, and join in, and send anecdotes and opinion - whether you agree with me or not.

To start with I'd like to introduce an survey I've put together, which is designed to explore the background stuff. In other words it's a fishing expedition! But one which shouldn't take more than five minutes so if you've got the time (and/or the inclination!), please visit: survey

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